Lebanon Public Library Board Board of Trustees Meeting January 11, 2016

Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, January 11, 2016

Location:  Lebanon Public Library


Board members in attendance:  Linda Cappello, Luanne Holper, Lacey Mesarchik, Miranda Wright-Kauffmann, Julie Ford and Kelly Wilhelm.

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 p.m.  No guests present.

President’s report:  Miranda spoke with the mayor.  We will not be using the fire department building for anything except possible storage.

Corresponding and Recording secretaries were not present.

Treasures Report:  Discussion about which account the puppets donated in memory of Mary Renfro should be placed.  Linda made a motion that we pay our bills.  Seconded by Lacy.  Voice vote with unanimous consent.  Luanne mentioned AVG (antivirus software) was purchased and need to purchase quick books for the PC.

Library Director’s Report:

Kelly reported a total of 240 participants at the 4th and 5th grade in Lebanon received Mad Libs and a craft.  High School uses other types of fun, age appropriate activities.  These activities were provided by the Lebanon Public Library.  Anyone can be a part of the Library’s new reading challenge.  Prizes for reading are Papa Murphys pizza cookie dough and Texas Road House, Barnes and Noble, Subway, and BP.Plus, a Polar Express train was donated by Barnes and Noble.  Tablet usage is going up.  Adults are starting to use the tablets.  There have been a few FOIA requests.  We can apply for an erate category two grant and can give a list for wiring, and technology infrastructure, etc.  This grant needs to be done in one to two weeks.  Miranda suggested we go for category one until next year.  Board agreed with this recommendation.  Charter internet was reported to be slow.  A speed test was done.

Discussion about the employee’s hourly wage increase since vacation time was eliminated.  This would be .32 per hour increase for said library employee.  Other employees will receive .16 increase.  It was so moved by Julie and seconded by Lacey that said employee get .34 instead of .28.  All other get .16 increase.  This change was agreed upon by voice vote with unanimous consent.

It was suggested that employees get an increase each year they are employed or for the employees who have achieved milestone attendance.  This will be on the agenda next month.

We are not requiring that an employee be here one year before they receive this increase in lieu of vacation time.  As a chair, Miranda moved we hire in at .16 above minimum wage.

Vacation time for director was discussed.  This may need to be addressed as a contract since the policy book has changed.  This item will be discussed further at a future meeting.

Lacey moves no more than $500.00 to understand legal impact of becoming a Library district.  It was seconded by Luanne.  Approved by unanimous voice vote.  Kelly has a copy of some of the changes that will happen when and if we become a Library district.  Back payment of PPRT by the City of Lebanon will start Feb. 2016.

Copier:  Contract has come to an end.  It is four years old.  The annual cost is $687.10.  The new one is $58.35 per mon. or one for 45 per month.  Linda moved and Luanne seconded and it was approved that Kelly would not go over $800 per year on a copier contract.  This was approved by voice vote with unanimous consent.

The board has reviewed the technology as specified by the state.

A grant writer will be needed in the future.  This will be discussed at a future meeting.

Kelly has a vacation scheduled Jan 30-Feb 10.

Luanne moved for adjournment.  Lacey seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:58 pm.