Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting March 2016

Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, March 14, 2016


Board members in attendance:  Linda Cappello, Crystal Catchings, Julie Ford, Paula Gross, Luanne Holper, Sy Korte, Melissa Tinzmann, and Miranda Wright-Kauffmann.  Kelly Wilhelm, Librarian, attended the meeting.  Lacy Mesarchik was not present.  No guests were present at the start of the meeting.


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Miranda Wright-Kauffmann.


  1. Welcome Guests and Opportunity for Public Comment – No guests were present at the start of the meeting.


  1. President’s Report

An article was recently published about the Library and our upcoming programs in the Lebanon Advertiser.  We would like to compile a book or album of articles that have been published in the newspaper for archiving purposes – Kelly will see if she can find a volunteer to help us with this project.


We are planning a “stuffed animal sleepover” children’s programming event (children drop off a toy, which will “sleep over” at the library, with children’s programming occurring before and after the “slumber party”).  This event will take place April 22 and 23.


Board members should complete their Statement of Economic Interest with the county.


Miranda Wright-Kauffmann appointed a committee, consisting of Julie Ford, Luanne Holper, and Miranda Wright-Kauffmann.  The purpose of the committee will be to research anticipated new expenses we do not currently have which will be associated with operating a stand-alone library.


Sy Korte announced his impending resignation from the Library Board effective April 30, 2016.  Melissa Tinzmann announced her impending resignation from the Library Board effective April 30, 2016.  Both members shared that they have enjoyed serving on our community’s Library board.


  1. Recording Secretary’s Report
  2. Minutes of December 14, 2015 board of trustees meeting – Motion made by Paula Gross, seconded by Luanne Holper, to approve the December 2015 board meeting minutes as presented. Motion approved.


  1. Minutes of January 11, 2016 meeting – Motion made by Julie Ford, seconded by Linda Cappello, to approve the January 2016 board meeting minutes as amended. Motion approved.


  1. Minutes of February 8, 2016 meeting – No minutes are available for this meeting since a quorum was not obtained.


  1. Minutes of February 8, 2016 special board meeting – Motion made by Julie Ford, seconded by Linda Cappello, to approve the February 8 special board meeting minutes as amended. Motion approved.


  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report

Paula Gross reported that twelve thank you letters were sent to those who made donations in memory of Shirley Monken.  Thank you notes were also sent to the Women’s Club and the Lebanon Advertiser.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Bills for consideration – The January 2016 bills were presented. Motion made by Sy Korte, seconded by Linda Cappello, to pay the January 2016 bills as amended.  Everyone voted affirmatively via voice vote – motion approved.


The February 2016 bills were presented.  The “Payroll Services” bill payable to Luanne Holper is a reimbursement to her, for services billed directly to her by Intuit, the company used to process our payroll.  Motion made by Melissa Tinzmann, seconded by Paula Gross, to pay the February 2016 bills as amended.  Everyone voted affirmatively via voice vote – motion approved.

We received a back PPRT payment from the City.

  1. Investment – Luanne Holper suggested we move approximately $35,000-$40,000 from our working capital account to some type of investment account. Tabled pending research.


  1. State of Illinois Per Capita Grant – Assuming funding is available, we should receive a per capita grant from the State of Illinois (pending the state’s budget/funding situation).


  1. Director’s Report

The seed library opened up March 1.  The program is being promoted at the Garden Club and by our local newspaper.  We received a $100 grant to make bilingual books for children.  This program will be wrapped into our Summer Reading program.  Our themed backpack/book program for kids has been successful with our patrons – we have some new backpacks to add to our collection to further expand this program.  Our Overdrive balance is down to $1.19 because we are planning a change to our e-book provider soon.


  1. Committee Reports – none


  1. Old Business
  2. Alternate library locations/space including land options and storage space – If we were to construct a building similar to the one the board viewed during our February special meeting, two acres would be ample space for the building and lot.


  1. Policy manual change – amending the policy manual – Motion made by Melissa Tinzmann, seconded by Sy Korte, to amend section VIII.A. of the policy manual to state “This policy manual may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Board by a majority vote of the Board, provided notice of the proposed amendment is in the posted agenda.” Motion approved.


  1. Policy manual change – board member vacancies – Motion made by Julie Ford, seconded by Linda Cappello, to amend section II.A.2.-3. of the policy manual to state “2. Is absent from regular Board meetings for more than 4 meetings in one year (additional excused absences may be granted by the president or vice president) or 3. Is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony or for failing, neglecting or refusing to discharge any duty imposed by the Board By-Laws or”. Motion approved.


  1. Policy manual change – use of city’s personnel code – A motion was made by Melissa Tinzmann, seconded by Luanne Holper, that we remove all references to the city’s personnel code from our policy manual. Motion approved. Upon further discussion, it was decided that portions of the code did apply to the library’s operation, and should be kept with minor modification.  Melissa Tinzmann amended her motion to state that applicable parts of section XI. (parts J, Q, T, V, X, Y, Z, AA, and BB) are kept in the policy manual.  The language in these sections is to be changed as appropriate to remove city-specific references.  Luanne Holper seconded the amendment.  Motion approved.


  1. Library district – tabled.


  1. Copier service contract – The new contract is only a small increase over last year’s contract. The new equipment is up and running in the library.


  1. Grant writer – tabled.


  1. New Business
    1. Women’s Club donation designation – One possible program we could offer utilizing the funds from this donation is an “adventure pass” (or passes) to area attractions. The passes could be checked out so families could use them to participate in these activities.  Other libraries offer programs similar to this.  Kelly has begun to research this and reported that the Missouri Botanical Gardens are willing to participate in this type of program.


  1. Employee Compensation – tabled.
  1. Library director contract – tabled.
  1. Recognition of 20-year employee – Tabled.
  1. Goals for next fiscal year – We need to start thinking of goals for our next fiscal year.
  1. Purchase of Accucut machine – This tool would allow us to create die cut shapes which can be used in many of our programming activities. The machine cuts a variety of paper and similar media, and can easily cut many items at once, saving on time and labor.  This is a machine we use often, but historically Kelly has driven to the Mascoutah Library to use their machine.  If we had our own machine, we could save on travel/labor/time and wouldn’t always need to rely on the availability of our neighbor’s machine.  Julie Ford moved that we purchase a machine and dies at a cost not to exceed $800.  Seconded by Sy Korte.  Everyone voted affirmatively via voice vote – motion approved.


  1. Change e-books vendor from Overdrive to 3M – The IL Heartland Libraries are planning a change to 3M as the supplier for e-books. All e-books we have purchased through Overdrive would transfer to 3M.  Melissa Tinzmann made a motion, seconded by Linda Cappello, that we change our e-book supplier to the 3M program in conjunction with the IL Heartland Libraries’ change.  Motion approved.


  1. Open eBooks (announced by The White House on March 2, 2016) – We may want to purchase additional children’s tablets in the future so that we can take advantage of this new program. Tabled pending research.


  1. Fall Festival Book Sale – tabled.


  1. Website – tabled.


  1. Budget for FY 2016–2017 –

Al Gerdes joined the meeting.


Luanne Holper presented a draft budget for FY 2016-2017.  Many categories show a small increase as anticipated costs will be slightly higher than the current year.  The training category was increased because we want to be sure we can offer Kelly and our board members training seminars as appropriate.  Linda Cappello made a motion that we adopt the FY 2016-2017 budget as proposed.  Crystal Catchings seconded.  Everyone voted affirmatively via voice vote – motion approved.


Luanne Holper reported that Russ Stroot has quoted us a price of $90,000 if we were to purchase only two acres of his land.


Mr. Gerdes reported that he will be working on updating our computers so they will have a “clean refresh” for each new patron’s computer usage.  He also volunteered to update the equipment related to the functionality of our WiFi at the library.  He would like to replace our access points with newer equipment (which will help solve the slow internet issues we have been experiencing).  Tabled.


Miranda Wright-Kauffmann left the meeting.


  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn made by Linda Cappello, seconded by Julie Ford.  Meeting adjourned by Sy Korte at 9:32 p.m.

Copies of paper reports referenced above are available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Tinzmann

Recording Secretary