Library Services

Fax Service:
Outgoing Fax Service:

$1.00 per page for pages 1 thru 4.
$0.25 each for all additional pages.
A cover page will be provided free of charge if needed.

Please arrive no later than 20 minutes before closing time to send a fax as it takes a while to get a confirmation page and for redials if the fax line is busy.

Incoming Fax Service:

$0.50 per page


We offer high speed internet service to all our customers at the average rate of 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up. We also offer free WiFi 24/7.  WiFi can be accessed from outside the building for times when we are closed or if you are ill and need to use the internet from your phone, laptop or other wireless device but do not want to share your germs. We appreciate those who help us maintain a healthy air quality inside the facility.

Copies and Printing:

We offer photocopying and black and white printing at $0.15 per page. We also have a color copier at $0.30 per page. Specialty paper is sometimes available upon request or bring your own and our staff will insert it into the printer for you. We do not offer wireless printing at this time, but you may transfer your documents to a flash drive for printing from one of our six computers.


We offer 7 public access computers at no cost. You do not need a card to use them, but if you do have a card we ask that all fines be paid prior to use.  A sign in sheet is provided at the circulation counter for signing in for a computer.  Each patron is guaranteed a minimum of 1 hour of computer time unless you sign in too close to closing time.  Computers are shut down 15 minutes prior to close each day.