Lebanon Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Monday, October 13, 2014

Meeting called to order by Susan Meister, president, at 7:02 p.m. at the Lebanon Public Library.

Board members in attendance: Crystal Catchings, Paula Gross, Luanne Holper, Susan Meister, Michele Stacey-Doyle, Melissa Tinzmann and Miranda Wright-Kauffmann.  Linda Cappello and Sy Korte board members, was unable to attend the meeting.  Kelly Wilhelm, librarian, attended the meeting.

Michele Stacey-Doyle motioned to approve the minutes.  Crystal Catchings seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Paula Gross, corresponding secretary, sent Ann Pier a thank you note for memorial donations.

Linda worked here for 18 years and had a few concerns regarding unattended children in the library and computer usage.  Many times people are monopolizing computer usage and this impacts the ability for others to use the computer.  Times need to be limited so that everyone can use the computer.

Child under the age of 10 must be under direct supervision by an adult/parent.  If things are going haywire then call the police.  Currently, the library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with unruly behavior.

Motion to pay bills made by Michele Stacey-Doyle and seconded by Paula Gross.  Motion approved unanimously.

Unfinished Business

  1. Reconsideration of use of consent agenda
    Items should be sent to Susan the Monday prior for distribution to board members.
  2. Status of e-reader/e-magazine availability and promotion.
    We don’t current subscribe to e-magazines.  Currently feels like we have obscure titles available to us.  Kelly will bring e-reader usage statistics to our next meeting.  She will also bring a spreadsheet of popular titles with annual subscription costs.
  3. Results of Book Sale
    Raised $445.25 this year.  Last year was ~$800.
    Paula asked about ThriftBook update.  Kelly needs to research the lag time between delivery and purchase.  Once we deliver 1000 books we get our own URL.  We get money when the book sells and then payment quarterly.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the face painting.  We should keep less with the intention of a smaller sale and knowledge of our limited storage space.  We did sign up for five library cards.   Friends of the Library raised $23.   There is no formal update from the Friends of the Library.  Melissa recommended a business card be distributed at next year’s book sale with our virtual book sale location. Maybe a virtual book sale link from our website. Recommendation for more small bills in the “bank” at the library. Usborne books sold ~$250 worth of book so we will receive a percentage which equates to matching grant for book purchase.
  4. Policy Book no oral commentary but written comments were submitted by Susan Meister. Melissa Tinzmann has additional comments she wishes to submit.  Request the removal of unruly patrons, children must be attended.  These comments are due by 10/18.  Kelly will forward the staff’s recommendations on policy for current issues to Michele Stacey-Doyle.Computer use will be restricted to two hours per day; exceptions to this must be in writing: completing school projects, online courses, job searches, etc.

Kelly will be allowed to establish parameters of computer usage and to record feedback about those parameters beginning tomorrow for the next four weeks and to report to board 11/10.  Michele Stacey-Doyle.   Luanne Holper seconded.  Motion approved.  Dissent vote by Miranda Wright-Kauffmann.

  1. Survey Michele was happy to see it published.  Survey will also be distributed in print, social media, etc.  Paula will compile rough data.  Map completed on where current library card holders reside in Lebanon.
  2. EDGE training is complete by Melissa Tinzmann.

New Business

Forming a district library items to keep in mind:

  1. A library district is governed by 7 elected trustees.
  2. The fiscal year begins 6/30.
  3. Library needs a name.

Only a library board can initiate beginning the journey to be a library district.  Nothing changes as far as PPRT owed by City of Lebanon.  There isn’t any way to do this without professional legal advice.   Phil recommends that we have this in place by July 1.

Suggested tax levy for FY2015

Consider requesting increase of 0.123 for corporate and .0077 and building for a total increase of 3.93%.

Status of search for space

Met with Eric Spencer, architect, and LeRoy Dawson they had proposals to obtain feasibility study to determine if the catholic school (318 South Fritz) could be a library.  Eric is willing to complete a cost management to give an estimate on what it would take to make the building useable for a library for $750.   Susan requested that Eric submit an offer sheet which will be considered at our next board meeting.   Kelly has a set of blueprints of a church in Breese 6,600 sq which was built for approximately $220,000 and was built with geothermal heat (uncertain if included) and on a slab.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m. by Susan Meister.